Rooted in Taoist Internal Alchemy and Buddhist thought– Blairish Wisdom brings forth the key energy components of  Primordial Taoist Tai Chi, Yang Style Tai Chi, Buddhist Qigong and Japanese Reiki into the healing arts forum.

Tai ChiTaoism is not a religion, nor a philosophy. It is a “Way” of life. It is a River. The Tao is the natural order of things. It is a force that flows through every living and sentient object, as well as through the entire universe. When the Tao is in balance it is possible to find perfect happiness.

A few methods to restore peace and balance in your life reside within the following Alchemys.

Shibashi Qigong  – The very best of Yang style Tai Chi in an 18 movement Qigong.  When done on a daily basis, these simple movements can make profound changes to your health and overall well-being.   Rebalance your energy using gentle non exhaustive exercises that focus on balance, posture and mobility and become more sensitive to your energetic “Chi” body.

Buddhist Damo Qigong – A Shaolin Qigong exercise that uses sets of movements to enhance the bodys energy both internally and externally.  Used to treat a wide array of injuries and debilitating illness.  It has widespread benefits for the healthy person including intense Chi energy, concentration and peace of  mind.

Ba Duan Jin Qigong – Ba Duan Jin is a Shaolin Qigong based on Chan (Zen) Buddhism and traditional Chinese medicine theory.  It satisfies its goal of balancing yin and yang by regulating qi, strengthening tendons and improving bone strength.  Through the practice of Ba Duan Jin, one can expect to improve and strengthen health, gain spiritual cultivation and even promote longevity.

Ji Ben Qi Gong – A Qigong designed to help develop root, open the key energetic centres of the body and give a platform from which to learn all of the bodily principles inherent within Taoist energy work. The simple movements help to move Qi along the line of the key organ meridians which nourishes the body leading to improved well-being and mental relaxation.