Shibashi II Workshop September 2013 – Barrie Ontario

Shibashi II Qigong Worksthop

Principles and theories of tai chi and qigong;
Advance techniques on improving the tai chi and qigong training;
The 18 movements of the Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi 2nd Set;
The Tai Chi Stance;
Techniques to increase the sensitivity to qi;
How to increase neijing (internal power);
Inner Alchemy Meditation (beginner to intermediate level)

Inner Alchemy Meditation – The beginner level student will learn how to develop their lower Dan Tian so that they can build up enough Jing (sexual energy, kidney energy or water energy) and at the same time maximize their lung capacity. The intermediate level will learn how to turn this water energy into steam (qi) and bring it upward to meet with the fire (heart energy), thus achieving the perfect condition of Hexagram 63 described by I Ching (Yi Jing).  This process develops the middle Dan Tian, releases the negative energy and at the same time builds up the spiritual energy (Shen).

Many thanks to Sifu Rod Morrin and Sifu Wing Cheung for there teaching on Shibashi II Qigong.


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