1239409_372480069549601_338867760_nThe biggest obstacle many of us will face on our ascension journey will be the expectations we place on ourselves and our level of progress. The demands of our expectations are fears from the ego, and they stem from the belief that we are not good enough. It is advantageous for us to have INTENTIONS; however expectations will create disharmony, doubt, confusion in our energy fields and suffering.

Intentions: Are aligned with the souls highest good and are a way for us to direct our energy towards what we want. Energy always follow thought, and the repetitive thoughts of our intentions will create “thought forms” that will attract what we desire through the quality of our intentions.

Expectations: Are usually unrealistic and based on the illusions of the ego. Expectations create suffering in our being because we will always be in a place of “expecting” something bigger. The ego has an insatiable appetite for more, more, more…..it is never satisfied. Expectations are fear-filled and when repetitive, they too will create “thought forms” that will attract to us the very things we do not want based on the fear-filled quality of our expectations.